Rätt så smidigt om man vill ha en liten väggmonterad iPod Touch för att styra olika saker i hemmet
These projector headlights are designed to improve looks and visibility for your vehicle. They are made by OEM approved and ISO certified manufacturers. They are made with OEM standard quality and are designed for stock lights direct replacement.
Totally going to get me one of these.

iPad Wall Mount

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Seems like a great product for wall mounting with charging. Really tempted to order one of these
This is to improve handling, added between the rear wheels inside the trunk. Been talking to a friend about taking the Charger to a track day event, so this might be a fitting purchase?
This may be a suitable touch screen for using with Macs
They're saying "first quarter, 2013", which is now. I can't understand why this has taken such a long time to release, but it's a key feature if I am going to transition to a laptop-only computing life. I only hope it works as it should when they finally release it.
A new Courier font, better looking font face for typewriter styles. I like it a lot
This seems to be the library I should use to implement CardDAV in my CMS, very interesting!
So, this flasher will let me control how my tail lights light up on my car. I'm a bit bummed that the entire LED ramp doesn't shine all the time when I drive the car.
But it seems to be quite hard to install, I may have to get some help from a friend. They talk about it in this forum and this one
This could be a good low-light camcorder, hopefully. I'm looking for something small with great video quality and especially great low-light performance. Read some reviews of this one and it looks to be quite allright.